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Answers to all your contracting inquiries.

My concrete driveway has “pop” spots and areas where the surface of the concrete looks deteriorated. What causes this?

Surface imperfections can be the cause of several factors. In Ohio, there is a significant amount of freezing and thawing. When moisture builds up under concrete surfaces, freezing temperatures can cause surface popping due to expansion. Salt is a major contributor to surface imperfections. Salt off roads and cars during winter months can cause serious problems to concrete. The best way to combat all types of surface issues is to regularly re-seal your concrete.

Do you add any type of reinforcement to your concrete?

There are many types of reinforcement you can add to concrete to increase its strength, performance and longevity. At Coughlin Concrete, all pours done on grade, (being poured on flat ground) are reinforced with steel wire mesh. After years of trial and error, we have determined that steel wire mesh is the most effective type of reinforcement.

My concrete is cracked, was it poured incorrectly?

There is one guarantee with concrete – it WILL CRACK! Concrete is an extremely strong material; however it comes with a lacking ability to flex. In Ohio, changing seasons brings periods of freezing and thawing. This process causes concrete to move. Movement causes cracking. When concrete is poured, the goal is to control the cracking and isolate it to areas where we want it. At Coughlin Concrete, we use saw cut control joints to address this problem. Saw cut joints are clean, narrow line cut in the surface of the concrete. They create a weak place in the concrete where it can crack and be hidden.

How long after my concrete is poured can I begin using it?

Concrete has a relatively slow curing process. It takes about 28 days for newly poured concrete to reach its full design strength. Patios, sidewalks and areas that will not be exposed to excessive weight can usually be walked on the day after they are poured. When it comes to driveways and garage floors we recommend giving at least 7-10 days before introducing a vehicle.

Is there something I can put on my concrete to help it last longer?

Every new project we complete is sealed with one of three types of sealer:
- Driveway salt guard sealer
- Standard sealer
- High gloss sealer
Sealers are used to help prevent chemicals and contaminants from breaking the bond between the cement and aggregate materials. They serve two purposes; helping prevent surface contaminate penetration, and slow the curing speed. During the hot summer months, the excessive heat and dry the concrete surface much more rapidly than the concrete body. This quick drying process can cause unwanted cracking and surface issues. Sealers help to lock in surface moisture and even the curing process so your new project stays strong for years to come.

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